Welcome to Bella Feathers

Celebrity Make Up Artist, Bella Campbell, brings you ‘Bella Feathers’ the newest feather trend, feather hair extensions, perfect for the Spring Summer 2015 bohemian chic.

Feather Hair Extensions are this season’s E ticket hair adventure, they are a fresh way to reinvent your hair in seconds. Wear subtle tones to blend with your natural colour or super-charged brights to stand out from the crowd for virtually any occasion.

Here at Bella Feathers online shop you will find natural handmade feather hair extensions, clip ins and ear rings.

Bella also does Bella Feather Hair extensions by appointment, where you can handpick your own feathers. You can even customise your own unique feather piece with Bella.

Bella has also recently launched ‘Poochie Plumes’ the original pet feather fur extensions for your four legged furry friends.