How are Bella Feathers applied to the hair?

Bella Feathers are easy to apply (See installation page). Simply thread the micro ring provided onto a few strands of your hair and then slide your feathes into the micro ring and clamp shut with pliers. To remove, simply squeeze the ring in the opposite direction.

What is the difference between a clip in and an extensions?

All extensions are attached by a micro ring, and will be semi permanent in your hair until you remove the ring attachment. With the extensions you get a mix of loose feathers up to 7 in a pack.

A clip in are our handmade range where the feathers can be take in and out as often as you like and are attached on a weft hair extension clip, some of these feathers can be more elaborate and stiffer as they are not in 24/7.

Can I install the feathers without a professional?

Yes, we have an easy to follow step by step installation page.

How many feathers come in a Bella Feather pack?

Each pack contains 5-8 feathers depending on the rarity of your choice.

How should the feathers be treated?

All our feathers can be washed, brushed, blow dried, straightened and curled. We advise not to use conditioner near the micro ring attachment as can loosen the grip and when using heated styling tools keep the heat around 150 degrees (a lower setting).

Are the feathers real or synthetic?

All Bella feathers are 100% natural top quality feathers.

How long can Bella Feathers be left in?

We advise you to keep your Bella Feathers in for about four – six weeks,  you can then remove and brush your hair to prevent any knotting in the growing out stage.  Your feathers can then be re-used and re-installed with your additional free micro rings provided.

How can I start selling Bella Feathers in my area?

Please email us and we will contact you direct, you will then be approved by Bella Feathers, and be able to buy your own stock to sell in your area.

For payment and Shipping enquiries please see Terms and Conditions