The installation is a quick and simple process, make sure you have your tools ready and in seconds your beautiful locks will be hot on trend!

Tools you will need, along with your Bella Feathers:

Micro rings, Threader Tool, Pliers


Step-By-Step Tutorial

Take one of the micro link and place it through the tip of the threader tool.

Select a few pieces of hair where you want the extensions to sit.  Pick a spot under few layers of hair so the micro link can be hidden.

Hook the hair strands through the threader tool.

Slide the micro link up towards the tip of the threader and onto the hair towards to the root, by pulling the section of hair through the ring (always leave a slight gap from the scalp to avoid rubbing)

Slide the tip of your feathers through the micro link.

Hold the micro link, feathers, and hair in place and gently clamp down with pliers on the micro link to squeeze them together.

To take out your Bella Feathers, find the micro link and gently clamp it in the opposite direction to open it up. Slip the micro link and feathers out off the hair. If the feathers has been properly taken care of, you will be able to reuse it repeatedly.